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  2. Finally some progress on this, it’s back from media blasting and externally painted with 2k armour, It looks great, started getting the axles re attached and get it rolling again so that I could get the insides coated in cavity paint and war, after that I got it back into the workshop and rebuilt the hubs with new bearings and new discs and stainless pistons in the freshly rebuilt calipers. The project is still moving forward at least just a little slower than expected. I’ve got to say though really like the 2k armour for a coating and the cavity paint went on easily, had a couple of issues with the war but overall it wasn’t bad and would recommend it for what it is meant for.
  3. Thought I best start my thread to help me Put it back together when I've finished stripping it down and show others some of products from the buzzweld shop that I am using. Looking at the other builds here it cant't really be called a rebuild as it's mostly paint This is it as purchased Dec 2012 and last week when the strip own started, After a couple of days I have reached, Hopefully over the next week I can get it fully stripped and expose all the panels that need work, at the moment it just the rear floor, front and second row seat box, and top inside corners of the bulkhead, the rest looks solid. 🤞
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