All In One protective coatings

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Buzzweld offer a range of 'All In One' coatings that will prolong the life of your vehicles chassis. Check out our extensive range of tried and tested rust preventing AIO protective coatings.


  1. W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement

    W.A.R. is our most versatile product, being suitable for both external and internal use, as well as being tough, flexible, tintable so we can colour it to your spec, direct to rust, and metals. There is very little you cannot do with W.A.R.

    Double up the protection on ferous metals by using RCP primer.

  2. 2k Armour

    Our 2k Armour is aimed at customers who want the hardest coating on the market, and the best protection we can offer. This protective coating really is the ultimate in rust busting technology!

  3. CIO - Chassis In One

    Targeted at our customers who want a simple, medium term (10 years estimated) solution compared to our extreme 4 coat dual product system.Buzzweld CIO is a Corrosion modifying primer and top coat in one.Buzzweld CIO system requires just two coats to protect your chassis.

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