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  1. Titan driven by myself (Lee Craighead) has the privilege of having a full coatings sponsorship from Buzzweld, these include , chassis in one, 2K, WAR, corrosion inhibitors, waterproof grease are some of the products we have the pleasure of using on Titan. With over 20 years of off-roading under my belt as you can imagine over the years I have tried hundreds of products to protect the trucks, however none have ever come close to the level of protection that the Buzzweld products offer, the space frame receives a tremendous amount of direct impact and abrasions from trees and rocks etc but the coating remains around 96% intact, making touching up between events quick and simple, to the point it is extremely hard to see any patch repair as the products are so consistent. Craig and Rachel are amazing people, nothing is too much trouble and their wealth of knowledge is phenomenal, I hear you ask yourself would I recommend Buzzweld products?? Absolutely I won't use anything else either on the race trucks or on our heavy plant equipment. Give it a go and you'll soon understand why we use it. We also have the privilege of supporting Buzzweld with data and feedback to aid their R&D testing its capabilities in the most brutal environments. Well done Buzzweld 👍 Check us out on Facebook 😊