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  1. Well that didn't work! So much for thinking that I could get it stripped over the next week!! Finally got back to it yesterday and got the b/c pillars off and the rear tub, I should manage a couple of hours on it again over the weekend so hopefully I'll get the bulkhead stripped down ready for removal. So far I've had to cut off over half the bolts I think the last under seal was a bit late as it had rusted out most of the fixings. Still happy with its condition though just the bulkhead that's worse than expected, I need to keep this moving forward before I forget where all the bolts go 🤔
  2. Thought I best start my thread to help me Put it back together when I've finished stripping it down and show others some of products from the buzzweld shop that I am using. Looking at the other builds here it cant't really be called a rebuild as it's mostly paint This is it as purchased Dec 2012 and last week when the strip own started, After a couple of days I have reached, Hopefully over the next week I can get it fully stripped and expose all the panels that need work, at the moment it just the rear floor, front and second row seat box, and top inside corners of the bulkhead, the rest looks solid. 🤞
  3. Just to say thanks to Craig for giving me some time to talk to him about what I thought would be suitable and getting the volumes sorted so that I wouldn't run out or be left with too much surplus, even when it's him that loses part of the sale. great customer service so far 👍👍
  4. Hi Craig, thanks. But I'm a little confused by that link it shows 1000ml in the title but also 2500ml in the spec, I was planing to do 2500ml paint and then the same in wax. I may just phone the store as my questions may take some time for me to work out best route! are you open at weekends? thanks again Al
  5. I'm looking to use the cavity paint for inside the chassis, but I'm unsure of how much I will require. Is the 2.5l can enough to do a 110 chassis and bulkhead? Thanks Al
  6. That's good, is it worth giving it a top coat of w.a.r. In case I've missed anywhere?
  7. Hi is it worth spraying on rcp before applying 2K to chassis
  8. Just to say hello and will be looking for some help and advice over the coming month (years) once I've finished stripping down my 110, At the moment I'm thinking of going with the 2k for the chassis is it worth putting on the rcp first? Hopefully I have managed to upload a picture before my project began. thanks Al