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  1. Interesting reading Craig, good on you
  2. Right, think I need the knowledge of the hive mind before I go crazy! Apologies if what I'm asking seems obvious to some, I know similar questions have also been asked before in a round about way.. But I've now read so much I'm no longer sure what's what. In the near future ( if I ever figure it out and put my order in) I'm going to be using rcp, cio and war. A bit further into the future I'll also be using raptor bedliner ( or potentially the 2k 1k raptor resin mix) My preference if possible, was to get a compressor and spray with the under body gun. Due to storage space etc.. I'd need to get a smaller compressor. The 50lt, 2.5 hp, sgs engineering one would be manageable and is a good price. I know the general consensus in other threads has been that bigger is better and I accept that this isn't the best option. But I need to compromise and as long as it's adequate I'm happy waiting longer for it to charge etc. As far as I can tell, cio and war will spray nicely between 100>140 psi, and at full power the 50l compressor should manage? I don't know however if the cfm of 9.6 will be ok and I can't find a requirement anywhere for the heavy duty spray gun. Can anyone advise? Some of the rcp I'll be spraying will need a decent finish and so from what I can gather I will need another gun. I've seen the suction gun recommended but can't figure out if A, the compressor will adequately supply it and B, if further down the line the suction gun would work with raptor. One of the guns recomended for raptor is the low volume low pressure gravity gun, this seems like it would be OK with a smaller compressor but would it be OK with rcp? Any advice gratefully received for the above, aswell as any advice for how best to set the compressor up ( water traps etc..) and thinners ratios where applicable. Hoping to get my head around it sharpish so I can get ordering and make a start. Thanks in advance, Adam 👍