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    Alpine Restorations

    Matthew Standing
    By Matthew Standing,
     Hello from Alpine, we are a defender specialists in Halifax West Yorkshire check us out at http://Www.alpine-restorations.co.uk

    How To Apply Buzzweld Corrosion Stabilising Protective coating

    Craig Jones
    By Craig Jones,
    This guide will explain how To Apply Buzzweld Corrosion Stabilising Protective coating with minimal fuss.   Mixing ratio 1:1 by Volume (not weight) Usage. mix the product thoroughly at a low RPM so you don't introduce heat which will reduce the pot life of 60>75 minutes. DO NOT mix the product and put the lid back on. Once mixed 2K Armour will begin catalysing and setting regardless of if you put the lid on, or even submerse it. Mix thoroughly, do not use a round object. Use a paint mixing paddle at 200>300RPM  Mix small batches at a time. Provide a key. The rougher the better, Can be sprayed thinning 20% with 2K Armour Thinners   Application is ideally with a brush/ roller. For best finish use a small gloss roller on a long reach arm, and lightly load the roller. 2nd coat should be done BEFORE the product sets, otherwise you will need to abraid again.   Cure times depend on Temperature and other environmental factors. typically touch dry in a few hours, and hard cure 18 hours. Fully cured takes several days. Colour will often not be a perfect pitch black. Can be over coated with any typical coating.      

    How To Rejuvinate Window Seals

    Craig Jones
    By Craig Jones,
    A brief guide to cover rejuvinating old wind seals. This won't renew their sealing ability, merely correct or alter the aesthetics. If the seals are similar to a defender here, they don't do a whole lot of sealing, and tend to be replaced through degradation from UV as opposed to actual function.   Flat back the seal externally removing all oxidisation using either a Scotchbrite abrasive pad or a flexible sanding pad Once flatted back you want to give the abraided area two light coats with plastic primer adhesion promoter Allow to cure (typically under 5 minutes) Apply two light coats of your preferred top coat. Here we have used the Bedliner Aerosol for a tough flexible finish, resistant to UV

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